Maintenance of vinyl floors


Gravel protection
If this room or hall is set vinyl floors, we should put a gravel protective mat at the door to prevent the gravel from carrying into the room or hall by shoes and scratching the surface.

Material-moving protection
When moving other materials, especially with a sharp metal objects on the bottom, we should not drag the material on the floor to prevent the floor from injury.

Fire protection
Although the fire rate of vinyl floor tile is flame retardant (B1), it not means the floor will not be burnt by fireworks. So when using vinyl floor tile, do not put burning cigarette butts, mosquito coils, powered iron or high heat metal objects on the floor directly to prevent the injury.

Periodic floor maintenance
Vinyl floors should be cleaned by neutral detergent, but not strong acid or alkali cleaners. We should arrange the regular cleaning and maintenance work.
a、Routine maintenance: cleaning the floor with almost dry mop. Serious polluted place should be cleaned separately.
b、Month maintenance: First clean the floor, then waxing the impaired basis. Generally speaking, the floor should be waxed once a month.

Pollution treatment
If the floor is stained by ink, food or oil, first we should wipe the dirt then clean the polluted place with diluted detergent. The residual black shoes print can be clean by veil with pine fragrance. Do not pure the pine fragrance on floor directly. After cleaning the floor should be waxing.

We should not clean the stubborn stains with metal cleaning ball or knife. If the stain could not be cleaned by conventional methods, we should consult professionals. Do not use acetone, toluene and other chemical indiscriminately.

Chemical protection
We should prevent the floor from soaking in the water for a long time. The water will penetrate the floor and make the floor peptized lose cohesive force. It might pollute the floor by protective wax on its surface. The polluted water also might cause flooring discoloration.

Sunlight protection
The floor should be avoiding direct exposure to bright light. We should arrange anti-ultraviolet radiation treatment to prevent flooring discoloration or fading.

1. All kinds of dirt on the ground should be cleaned timely.
2. Must not soak the floor in the water. Although some ground is covered by waterproof glue to cut off the water, soaking in the water will seriously affect the floor’s life. In the cleaning process, the dirty water should be cleaned timely.
3. In the crowded place or high abrasion area, maintenance cycle should be shortened. High strength surface waxing time should be increased.
4. Hard or rough cleaning tools (such as steel balls, scouring cloth etc.) are absolutely prohibited to prevent sharp objects collision resilient floor.
5. We strongly recommended to set a rub mats in the entrance of crowded public places to prevent tarnish scratch by the carrying dirt and grit.